The policies contained within the NPF are being used as the basis for the updated Planning Statement document. In 2018, the then Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure and Department of Planning commenced the PlanCayman exercise to develop a holistic National Planning Framework (NPF) document. Consultation on the draft NPF commenced in November 2018 and was extended to February 2019 to allow additional time for feedback. Over 2,000 comments were submitted, from 356 responses, and these have all been considered in full and amendments to the NPF document have been proposed, where applicable.

In September 2019 the Central Planning Authority approved the final draft NPF document for transmission to the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing & Infrastructure for adoption. In August 2022, the current Central Planning Authority reviewed the draft NPF, which has been revised to incorporate both Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands, and forwarded same to the Ministry of Planning in September 2022. The final draft NPF was published on the PlanCayman website in February 2023.