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Previous Consultations

Are we on the right track?

We asked for your views on the draft National Planning Framework (NPF); a document which sets out the overriding Goals and Objectives for PlanCayman. Over 2,000 comments were submitted, from 356 responses, and these have all been considered in full and amendments to the NPF document have been proposed, where necessary. The Consultation Statement below provides both a summary and a full list of the consultation responses. In September 2019 the Central Planning Authority approved the final draft NPF document for transmission to the Ministry for adoption.

Future Consultations

Seven Mile Beach Area Plan…

We are currently undertaking baseline work for the Seven Mile Beach Area Plan and will be seeking your input on the preparation of this Plan in Spring 2020.

Final Draft National Planning Framework

The Central Planning Authority, under the mandate of section 5(1) of the Development and Planning Law (2017 Revision) drafted a National Planning Framework in November 2018 as part of a comprehensive policy for land use in Grand Cayman. This document is the first stage in the Development Plan review. A final draft version of this document was considered by the Central Planning Authority (CPA) at their meeting on 24 August 2022 (CPA/20.A/22). The Authority advised that the document is acceptable and resolved to present it to the Hon. Minister for Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure (PAHI) for onward consideration by Cabinet