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Provide multi-purpose facilities that act as community focal points.

Provide sites for the development of multi-purpose facilities and / or youth activity centres that engage the communities in which they are located, and can also be used as hurricane shelters.

Action Points:
  • The Institutional Zone should be amended to allow for the development of multi-purpose facilities, provided that it would not have an adverse impact on neighbouring properties.
  • This can include and is not limited to provide for after school programmes, hurricane shelters and health care facilities.
  • Siting of these facilities should contribute to the creation of local neighbourhood centres.

Provide adequate sites to meet the need for future Public Safety Facilities.

Increase the level of public safety and welfare through the provision and placement of public safety facilities, and ensure that these facilities are sited in suitable locations.

Action Points:
  • In consultation with the Fire Department, conduct an inventory of existing fire fighting facilities in order to provide adequate sites to meet their future needs, including but not limited to fire halls, emergency reservoirs, and emergency access routes.
  • In consultation with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, conduct an inventory of existing policing facilities in order to provide adequate sites to meet their future needs, including but not limited to police stations, a domestic violence unit, and emergency access routes.
  • Identify locations for future correctional facilities, as needed, in consultation with the Prison Service
  • Ensure that the location of future correctional facilities is compatible with surrounding uses.

PlanCayman Progress


National Planning Framework

We are currently seeking feedback on the draft National Planning Framework

Next Steps

Area Plans

Seven Mile Beach Tourism Corridor Area Plan – Q3 2019


Area Plans

Plans for other areas in Grand Cayman – 2019 and ongoing throughout Plan Period.


Zoning Map and Regulations

Development Guidelines and legislative version of the Plan. (TBD)

General Plan

Specific proposals and policies relating to land use throughout the Island. TBD