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Designate land throughout the Island to ensure adequately distributed institutional facilities in all districts.

Provide a range of institutional zoning options that can accommodate current and future institutional development on the Island.

Action Points:
  • Conduct an assessment of all Civic buildings and uses, such as public meeting halls, parks and cemeteries and determine the Island’s future demands for these facilities.
  • Conduct an assessment of all existing education sites and determine the Island’s future demands for these facilities.
  • Conduct an assessment of all Institutional uses such as hospitals, prisons, police and fire stations, civic centres, shelters, etc., and determine the Island’s future demands for these facilities.

Support future education development at all types and levels as demanded by population growth, in consultation with the Ministry of Education.

Ensure that all students have access to education facilities.

Action Points:
  • Work with Ministry of Education to assess what facilities are required including school buildings and accessory facilities such as sports and recreational facilities.
  • Conduct a needs analysis for additional education facilities
  • Inventory existing facilities.
  • Provide facilities that meet minimum design standards to promote good health and learning abilities in students.
  • In conjunction with architects, work with parents, teachers and students to assess the type of facilities that are required.
  • Utilise school sites to anchor neighbourhood activity centres, maximising accessibility for students and contributing to neighbourhood vitality.
  • Allow for the dedication of land, or a collection of fees in lieu, exclusively for the development of future public school sites.

PlanCayman Progress


National Planning Framework

We are currently seeking feedback on the draft National Planning Framework

Next Steps

Area Plans

Seven Mile Beach Tourism Corridor Area Plan – Q3 2019


Area Plans

Plans for other areas in Grand Cayman – 2019 and ongoing throughout Plan Period.


Zoning Map and Regulations

Development Guidelines and legislative version of the Plan. (TBD)

General Plan

Specific proposals and policies relating to land use throughout the Island. TBD